Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Men Of My Life - My Blue Eyed Boy

Blogging Takes Over The World
I wrote my first blog post somewhere in the year 2006; but 2006 was definitely not the year I began writing. I began penning down my thoughts much before that; and when I say penning, I mean exactly that. I would put a pen to paper every time I had something worth documenting.
Then there came the era of blogs and bloggers; and voila, I’d jumped onto the bandwagon. Writing out my first blogpost, I sounded all feminist. Maybe not the bra-burning variety, but somehere in that zone! I am sure I’d pissed off some decent men with that blogpost. But well, I was but a whole of 19 back then. I know that sounds old enough, but I was a woman who had things to say (and some of them were really angry and sounded mean!).
If there is one thing I remember clearly about writing that post, it was the fact that I had decided that I would never (read: NEVER) do a Carrie Bradshawie post. For all my ill – informed friends here, Carrie Bradshaw is the protagonist of the popular (or so we 20 something women believe) sitcom ‘Sex And The City’.

Carrie Bradshaw in SATC

So how do you define a Carrie Bradshawie post? Here goes –
(Please Note: My apologies to any SATC and Carrie Bradshaw fans reading this. RESPECT!)
1)       Her posts /books/episodes/movies revolve around the one emotion that makes the world go round – LOVE! *sigh*
2)      Romance in any other form
3)      Men of her life
4)     Wrong men in her life
5)      Friends (well this one I didn’t mind)
So why did I NOT want to write posts like hers? Simply because I didn’t want to wash my dirty linen in public! But am I going to do so with this post? BLOODY WELL YES!
Today, I am about to unravel some deep (and not so dark) secrets about my love life. Yes, you read me right. Anyone and everyone who knows me (and now you will too) knows that I have had a plethora of men walk into my life at different points in time. But who were these men? How did they get here, and why did they leave (assuming they did!).
You are about to find all these answers here – in this blog post and a few (yes, I am being modest) posts to come.
Please Note: I will use fictional names throughout. So don’t you go around guessing who’s who (or maybe you could. It would be fun!). Some parts of the blog posts may be fictionalized to maintain the integrity of the men involved (and mostly to save my ass).
My Blue Eyed Boy:
“Hello, is this Tee?”
“Yeah, this is she”, I replied.
“Oh, hi there. This is Kevin. Remember we’d chatted on yahoo a long time back?” he asked earnestly.
“Uh. NO!” I said out, in my usual loudmouth fashion.
15 minutes later, I’d realized who the guy in question was; although I specifically remember not wanting to talk to him because his real name sounded extremely; how do I put this nicely, ‘tapori—like’. But here he was, all these years (okay months) later.
“So, how have you been?” I asked for the sake of niceity.
“Supremely good. Could I take you out for a movie?” he asked.
I almost jumped in my seat. Here was a guy I couldn’t even remember about 15 minutes back; and now I was being asked out by him? Really, now???
Come to think of it, I was alone at home (I used to live alone back then); and I was bored and hungry. A movie may have been a good idea. What did I have to lose?
“Okay” I replied, nonchalantly; and I think that took him a lil by surprise.
“It’s a 5:15 show. I’ll see you there at 4:45?” he asked.
“Sure”, I said before hanging up.
Up until this time, I had never ever gotten anywhere in time (except exam halls). But some part of me felt bad for the lil man I’d just spoken to. Well, to be fair, I’d almost said no! So I decided to make a conscious effort to get there on time.
As I stepped on the escalator, I looked at my watch. It read ‘4:45’. I was beaming as I stepped off the escalator. Finally, I’d managed to get somewhere in time. To be honest, I had a fair idea of what to expect. I’d seen some pictures of him before. I looked around for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. I was new to the whole ‘waiting’ thing. So I decided to make a call, I assumed it would keep me busy; and boy! It did keep me busy!
I looked at my watch again. This time it was 5:10. I couldn’t believe I’d been around for 25 minutes already and this jackass was nowhere to be seen.I dialled his number.
“Hello”, he said. He’d hardly finished his hello when I began yelling at him.
“Where the hell are you? Do you know what time it is?” I almost shouted.
“Oh damn, I will be there in 5. I am almost there. Sorry sorry sorry!”he panted. He seemed to be running. ‘Well, he better be’, I thought to myself.
I looked at my watch again. It was 5:17. The movie had already begun.
At 5:22, I saw him come up the escalator. He was wearing a maroon shirt with a chinese collar, and blue jeans. His recent haircut was making him look way better than the picture I’d seen. I was still angry with him, and he knew it. He looked at me and flashed an apologetic smile.
And that was when I noticed them for the first time – his dimples. He had one of the most adorable smiles I’d ever seen. Damnit, why did he have to be so cute! All my anger had melted away by this point in time.
By the time we got down to getting ourselves the tickets and entering the movie hall, it was already 5:30.
As we walked out of the movie hall, he looked at me and asked if we could spend a little more time together. I liked the idea, so I nodded my head.
“Coffee?” I asked him.
“Your place or mine” he nudged me playfully.
“Mine. I stay closer” I said, and took him by surprise.
“Serious?” he quizzed, one raised eyebrow in place. I nodded my head. “Let’s go”, he said.
Back at home, the whole ‘coffee’ bit went super well; and one meeting melted into another. Before we knew it, we’d been meeting each other regularly for over a month.
Then that’s when it happened. Exactly 33 days after meeting no. 1, he asked me out for another movie. You know this one thing about women; they almost always know if a man is looking at them. I could feel him stare at me throughout the movie. Everytime I looked in his direction, he’d smile at me and politely look away.
At this point in time, I could almost kiss him; but I was still wondering what he’d had in mind; cause let’s face it, I wasn’t looking for a ‘wham-bam’.
After what seemed like an eternity, he leaned towards me, and whispered in my ears “I think we’d do well as a couple. I can so totally see it working. You’re smart, I’m cute!”
I looked at him in shock. “Excuse me? I am smart and you are cute?” I asked him, mocking his self-gloating.
“And yeah, I’m sorta crazy about you” he said, flashing those pearlies.
By this point in time, I am beginning to sense the fact that he’s definitely not kidding. He means it. He looks right into my eyes, and I can’t take it anymore. I lean forward and let my lips meet his. After what seems like an eternity, we pull away from each other.
He looked me right in the eyes and asked “So is that a yes or a no?”
So, that my readers, is the story of how I met my blue eyed boy. But like they say, everything good must come to an end. So did this story. But it definitely was my favorite story, since it lasted a solid 3 years. It came with its fair share of heartbreak when we called it off. But some things in life are just worth doing.