Saturday, September 24, 2011

The biggest advantage of having gay friends = NO BORING NIGHT-OUTS EVER

The biggest advantage of having gay friends = NO BORING NIGHT-OUTS EVER!
Don’t believe me? Read on... 

This weekend turned out to be extremely ‘eventful’ (if I may call it that for the lack of a better term). I was still at office when mom called me and told me that my neighbor’s cat ‘Chunzi’ had gone missing, and they hadn’t seen or heard her in an hour’s time. When I got home, there had still been no signs of Chunzi darling. Mom and I, equipped with a strong flashlight and a bowlful of cat-food headed to the terrace – her favorite hangout. We were just hoping that she’d found her way up there, since she’d seen no one at home.

My neighbor was going to stay out for the night; which is why she’d specifically asked us to keep an eye on the cat for her. It was on her insistence that mom let the cat loose in the first place.

Mom and I returned home after a while, dejected and helpless. Chunzi was nowhere to be seen. Nightfall took over and so did sleep. Once I’d managed to satiate my insatiable hunger, mom and me hit our respective beds.

In the morning, I was awoken by voices of people talking around me. My sis was here. She was going to stay the weekend, since her house was being done up (in lieu of the baby to come), and it wasn’t a good idea for her to be around while the painting was being done. We sat down in a couple of hours to have a scrumptious lunch; after which mom and my sis headed to the gynecologist.

It was at this time, that I was to head out to meet my friend ‘J’. He and I were supposed to catch up post his lunch date with a newfound ‘close friend’ (ahem ahem). However, that wasn’t to be.
In the meanwhile, I’d also called Salome. So I decided to meet up with her at around 5ish to watch a movie (Johnny English). I looked at the clock. It was 2:30; so I decided that a one hour nap might actually do me good.

An argument (with dad) later, I was snoring peacefully. At around 4ish, I receive a text from my frazzled neighbor who is on her way back since she couldn’t focus on work. She HAD TO find her cat. No prizes for guessing who she’d chosen as her loyal sidekick for the mission! (Translation for morons: ME)
So there you go, all my hopes of catching up with J or Sal were being flushed down the drain right in front of my sleepy eyes. So I went to the ‘Create Message’ tab on my cell phone and typed a text out for Sal; in which I explained to her why we’d have to postpone our meeting (Read: The mission of finding the missing cat was my priority).

Just when I saw the postponed meeting as an opportunity to catch a longer nap; my dreams were shattered. Mom and sis walked back into the house and turned on the lights. All my sleep vanished in a second. All I heard in my head was a loud ‘Poof’ and it was gone! That was the last I’d see of it for quite a long time; but I just didn’t know that as yet.

So I decided it was best I woke up. I sat up and started chatting with my sis about her gynecologist’s appointment; and she said that the baby seemed perfectly fine. She was really excited; as was I for her. She is now in her 7th month. 2 months and a couple of days more to go, and she’ll be a proud mommy. I know she’ll make for a great mommy (Sorry about the tangent).

By around 5.30 PM, my neighbor ‘M’ walks into my house. When she hears stories about how long the cat’s been missing for, I can see her nearing a breakdown. As expected, she runs out of our house in a bit and heads home (next door i.e.). I run after her; I couldn’t bear to see her all heartbroken.

We talk a little over tea and then my sis joins us. I excuse myself from there and head to take a shower. I have to go out with M to hunt for her cat Chunzi.

Just after I’d gotten dressed right after my shower, I hear mom’s phone ring. It’s my sis. She and M decided to go down for a walk in the time until my shower, and they’d managed to find Chunzi. Apparently, however, she was really scared. M brought her upstairs and put her down gently. As soon as she placed her on the floor, she began limping and her mews just grew louder. We knew, at once, that something was wrong.
We called the vet, who said she was at the clinic; and M along with me, ran out of the house. We arrived at the vet’s clinic around 10 minutes later; where we were told that Chunzi had a fractured leg. So from there, we had to take her down to another clinic for the X-Ray. However, sedating her before that was a pain.
The running around from home-vet-Xray guys-vet was pretty dramatic; and this was part of what made my life (read: day) eventful. I’d never imagined, even in my wildest dreams that M would be a cat person; and here I was, doing rounds of Mulund with an injured cat and my ex-neighbor who was back to being my current neighbor.

After dropping Chunzi and M back at home, I decided it was finally time to meet Sal. So I headed out to meet her. Just when I was downstairs in the building, I received a call from AB. He tells me that he has to meet me urgently. So I wait around for him; and when he comes I decide to let him talk to Sal. At once he decides that the three of us should go out tonight.

So we vroom off to Nirmal Lifestyles, where we meet Sal, grab a bite and head out of Mulund.

We also bump into J at the mall. So there you go, Sal and J finally meet!

From the mall to the car, from Mulund to Andheri – all of that in 50 flat minutes. Only AB can manage to do that without freaking me out.

Once we reached the club (which is where AB always takes us) we saw an empty dance floor and full tables. So we decide to just lounge around and soak in the ambience (which is a total lie. We were just waiting for people to get dancing). Finally people began displaying some of their dance moves. This enthused us a little further; but something was missing.

For some weird reason, the DJ kept playing extremely weird numbers one after the other. This got Sal and me to lose our cool. On the way back from one of our numerous loo breaks, Sal decided that we should stick to the center of the dance floor because the temperature was way cooler than it was back in the corner where we’d been dancing until then. I agreed; so we stopped somewhere in between.

Just had we started dancing when the crowds parted and I saw him walk towards me in all his glory. There he was – Abhi. I had so missed the boy. Abhi happened to be one of these gay men I’d met at one of the recent gay parties I’d gone to, and boy-oh-boy had we clicked or what!

When Abhi noticed me, he came rushing forward to hug me; and then we did the whole hug and jump and giggle routine. He then went on to introduce me to his ‘friends’ and he patted one of them on the shoulder. He turned around and turned out to be another gay friend who I’d always loved dancing with. Even Sal seemed mighty pleased to see them there.

The rest of the evening was spent in absolute joy! There was a lot of dancing, and even more laughing. So guess who came to the rescue eventually? My gay pals.

Now does this explain the title of my blog post? I am sure it does! And if you need to know more about my stories associated with my gay buds; stay tuned. I have a lot more blog posts coming up in the near future.
Until then, this is me signing out at around 5.00 AM. Must sleep!